Be Rhythmic: beats

Building Community


hosted by Luke Graner

be curious
be inspired
be movement
be here
be thoughtful
be yourself
be happy
be rhythmic




with the beat


on the beat


to the beat


unforgettable, revolutionary

Otis Redding

Bob Marley

Marvin Gaye

Breathe with the Beat

Find the Pulse
4 in - 4 out
8 in - 8 out

"We are truly alive only when the mind is with the body."
- Thich Nhat Hahn

inspiring connections

The drum circle experience
Therapeutic drumming
Yoga & Meditation

echo games

Do What I Do.
The Echo Game
Rumble if?

building community

Build trust by listening
Mentor with music
The Hip-hop heart

Inspiring Voices

dynamic, influential

Nina Simone

Whitney Houston

Lauren Hill

Feet on the Beat

Find the Pulse
Breathe with the Beat

"Take Care of the Animal so you can be Human."
- The Hippie

take care

Drink more water.
Eat with intention.
Sleep enough + take breaks.

get outside

Enjoy nature & our serenity.
Go out + be free.
Stop, look + listen.

find the child

Pump up the music.
Tap into your inner kid.
Don't be ashamed to dance.

Sick Beats

it's about the vibes

A Tribe Called Quest

Arlo Parks

Wizkid w/ D. Marley

Play to the Beat

Find the pulse
Breath, Move, Play

"Regulation is not a is a right."
- Dr. Bruce Perry

Rhythmic Reflection

closing rhythmic practice

Rojo, Naranja, Amarillo

Verde, Azul, Indigo, Violeta

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and to discuss how rhythmic practice can positively impact

your day
your work
your kids
your school
your home
your heart

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(Sittin' On) the Doc of the Bay

Otis Redding (1968)
4 beat rhythm, 104 BPM

Stir It Up

Bob Marley & The Wailers (1973)
One Drop Rhythm, 74 BPM
* fun facts *

I Want You

Marvin Gaye (1976)
Latin Groove, 101 BPM
* fun fact *

Feeling Good

Nina Simone (1965)
6/8 Blues, 79 BPM
* Baltimore *

Higher Love

Kygo (2020) Whitney Houston (1990)
[Steve Winwood]
4 beat, 104 BPM
*Go to YouTube*

Everything is Everything

Lauren Hill (1998)
Hip Hop / R&B Swing, 95 BPM
*Joyful, Joyful*

Can I Kick It?

A Tribe Called Quest (1990)
Hip Hop, 97 BPM
*Walk on the Wild Side*


Arlo Parks (2021)
R&B Pop, 87 BPM
*2021 Mercury Prize*


Wizkid feat. Damian Marley (2021)
Hip Hop R&B, 90 BPM
*Nigeria + Jamaica*