Hello my friends and welcome to Be Rhythmic! Thank you so much for joining me on this rhythmic adventure. My name is Luke Graner and I would like to introduce you to a new kind of rhythmic flow practice where we connect our breath & body with the beat.

You will need:

1. A quiet place to sit, listen and breathe.

2. Space to stand with your arms wide and overhead.

3. Sound on, speakers or headphones may enhance your experience

** Please MUTE. Camera is optional. **

This is an intro class so I don't expect you to naturally "be rhythmic" but I challenge you to find what feels good, have patience and have fun as we Learn to Be Rhythmic together.




Like a yoga class, you'll listen to cues and watch if need be as key ideas and instructions will be on shared on your screen. The rhythm of the music is our foundation. The repetition of our breath connects us to our body and we will stand up and move as well - providing us with a rhythmic, repetitive, regulating & rewarding experience as we...

find the flow.


Take care of the animal, so you can be human.

Sit down and connect: Root, Release, Soft Gaze
3 Big Breaths together: Take a Stretch and the close your eyes after the 3rd breath
Breath Easy: in and out of the nose, aware of the space around you
Take a minute to connect with your body

The monk says
"we are truly alive only when the mind is with the body"

Breath in and come home to your body and now lets bring a little more attention to the breath: Tip of the Now, Diaphragm / location of movement.

When thoughts arise, it's natural, like clouds. Our breath is the blue sky




Start simple and create community.

Questions? Email Luke at berhythmic.com@gmail.com


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