Hayward Community School District

w/ Luke Graner

Building Community with Music

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be curious
be inspired
be movement
be here
be thoughtful
be yourself
be happy
be rhythmic

BeRhythmic Playlist

for Hayward

What is a drum?
our hands
our feet
our fingers
our voices
a box
a bucket
a desk
a djembe!

Getting Warmed Up

Grab a "drum" and play some rhythmic games: Rumble, Chocolate Milk & Potato Chips and The Echo Game

Fun (and simple) drumming activities for small groups or 1 on 1 time: Do What I Do and The Echo Game

Breathe with the Beat

connect with the moment
(and the beat)

Regulate with a rhythmic practice focused on the breath. Let go and be present, move and get ready.

Feet on the Beat

walk, dance, skip, march, or jog
(to the beat)

Learn about the classic One Drop reggae beat and follow along with Luke through a layered, rhythmic dance.

Drum Beats

listen and play along together
(with the beat)

We can all be drummers with this simple and classic beat. Drumming together connects us and helps build a more rhythmic community.

Music Games

Make a great playlist, get creative and the fun never ends.

Drum, dance, breathe, toss...Luke & Mr. Anderson have fun listening to music and playing along.

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Outdoor Activity!

Rhythmic Walking

with Luke Graner

audio version available on Soundcloud

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