New Class Series!

Monday Feb 9th @ 9pm ct

Be Rhythmic Open Mic

w/ Luke Graner + Guests

Rhythmic Practice + Discussion

Set List

DJ Steven (music + live drums)
Rhythm Class w/ Luke (breath, body + the beat)
Open Mic (discussion w/ guest)
Rhythmic Reflection (mindfulness + live music)
Class length: 1 hour(ish)

Zoom Room opens at 9:00pm CST


"We are truly alive only when the mind is with the body."
- Thich Nhat Hahn

The color red and the circle are indicators of our Root practice. With this series, we focus on our personal experience and self regulation strategies.

We use some essential elements of rhythmic regulation such as our heartbeat, our breath, our body and the rhythms of nature.


"Take care of the animal so you can be human."
- The Hippie

The color yellow and the rhombus are indicators of our Regulate practice. With this series, we focus on the group experience and co-regulation strategies.

Anything can be a drum as we use our bodies, our voice, desks, sticks and hand drums too. We all can learn to be rhythmic when we keep it simple, have patience and have fun!


"Regulation is a right not a privilege."
- Dr. Bruce Perry

The color green and the upside down triangle are indicators of our Relate practice. Here we focus on our relationships, our community and our story.

Our Be Rhythmic exercises, the Neurosequential Model, and other key developmental concepts help us form rhythmic regulation strategies for the home, the classroom, one-on-one time, small groups, community events and much more. presents...

Breath, Body & the Beat

Nature Walk
with Luke Graner

audio version now available on Soundcloud

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