Finding Your Rhythm

w/ Luke + Steve

Rhythmic Practice + The Lens


Things to Know...

No wrong way
You will move
Fun permission
Breaks are fine
Open your heart

Training Outline

NM Essentials
R.O.D. Cycle
The Beat


In our breath practice, we focus first on our personal experience. We use some essential elements of rhythmic regulation such as our heartbeat, our breath, our body and the rhythms of nature.

"We are truly alive only when the mind is with the body."
- Thich Nhat Hahn

making the bed

Finding easy wins (reward).
Annoying? Grateful.
Cultivate positive habits.

be with your tea

Sit with what is.
Breathe + observe.
Find music + movement.

check your weather

Take your pulse.
Count every 4.
Breathe with the beat.

Neurosequential Essentials

with Mr. Graner

Develop a new Lens

Learn about the Brain


Share music to build community and find ways to move your body with dancing, walking, or whatever you like. We all can learn to be rhythmic when we keep it simple, have patience and have fun!

"Take care of the animal so you can be human."
- The Hippie

take care

Drink more water.
Eat with intention.
Sleep enough + take breaks.

get outside

Enjoy nature & our serenity.
Go out + be free.
Stop, look + listen.

find the child

Pump up the music.
Tap into your inner kid.
Don't be ashamed to dance.

BeRhythmic Brushes!

a D.I.Y Drumming Project

Grab 15 wooden dowels

Cut three 5-6 inch strips of tape

The Beat

Listen, have fun and drum along...do whatever you need to do to find the beat. There are many simple ways to use drums, our breath, movement and conversations to regulate, connect and build community.

"Regulation is a right not a privilege."
- Dr. Bruce Perry

inspiring connections

The drum circle experience
Small group drumming
DJ Steve

echo games

Do What I Do.
The Echo Game
Rumble if?

building community

Hip Hop + R&B
Mentor with music
Build trust by listening.

Rhythmic Reflection

closing rhythmic practice

Rhythmic, Repetitive, Rewarding

Relevant, Respectful, Relational

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Self-Regulation and Nature Connections Inspired With Music

As presented at the Readiness Summit, Dayton OH

Douglas Horvath

Education Coordinator, Five Rivers MetroParks

Luke Graner

Rhythm Coach & Regulation Consultant

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Rhythmic Walking

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Episode 12: A Rhythmic Life
with Jessica Pfieffer and Steve Graner